Due to the consistent increase in the price of ingredients and materials, we will be pausing sales on the website as of 8/1/2022. Shipping cost increases and delayed ingredient availability just makes timelines unmanagable. We treasure each one of our customers and are so sorry to have to do this. Thank you for your valued support of Yellow Barn Soap Co. and we hope you will understand.

Meet the Maker

     Hi, I'm Stacy, the owner and artisan of Yellow Barn Soap Company or YBSC for short. This has been a passion project for me and my family. I love making soap and other personal care products. I'm dedicated to making the best possible products for my friends, family and my customers. This will always be more than just a business for us. It is our way of life.

     A little bit more about why I got into the business of soap making... I started out making my family's own personal care items due to my daughter's skin issues as well as the discovery of my own allergic reaction to corn products. I spent many years eliminating and evaluating what we used in our daily lives. Once I was able to narrow down what caused these reactions, we were able to eliminate them and saw a dramatic difference. We have never been the same. Who knew mineral oil and/or some form of corn derivative would be in nearly every conventional personal care item on the market. Later, I was given the opportunity to purchase a small, already established local soap-making company, and I jumped on the opportunity and the rest is history.

     Our journey has been a long one learning about every ingredient that makes up the products we put on our skin. That is why all the ingredients at YBSC are carefully chosen and tested to insure that they are free of sulfates, phosphates, phthalates, petroleum, and parabens. We use only perfume grade fragrance and/or essential oils. The colors used in our soaps & bath bombs are cosmetic grade, the same as those used in your makeup. The only exception is our Pure & Natural line, which is free of fragrances and colorants for use on the most delicate of skin. Take a look at the ingredients we use for our soaps and the benefits of each.

     We hope you enjoy our luxuriously handcrafted, great smelling, and skin nourishing products that we love to make so much! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out YBSC.


Stacy Nipper